Who are we really?

UP is a new Bible based church newly planted in the city of Wylie.  We are extremely excited about the assignment God has charged us to carry out in this very hour.  We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere where all of God's creation can feel welcome while emphasizing individual and community growth for perpetual life changing ministry.

As a high energy church we believe the key ingredient to positively impact the people/community is to be proactive in our approach, fervent in our effort and persistent in our work ethic to create healthy life changing alliances that will bridge gaps to fortify Christian relationships through prayer and hands on ministry.

UP operates under full transparency to all that enter through our doors to share, include and involve in the total experience with Jesus Christ being the center of it all.  Our perspective is 2020 believing Biblical application is vital to life transformation and through sound and clear teaching of the Gospel we can assist in developing leaders for the Kingdom work at hand.  As a church/ministry operating fully on faith we not only have the vision to see it, we have the vigor to seize it.

We invite You to combine your gifts with ours by becoming a member of UP Church to carry out this special work together.


The UP Church Family